The Twilight Mirror

The Spire of the Auric Horizon once again opens its doors to the great and the good of the Empire several weeks before the Winter Solstice. All are invited to attend an evening of food, culture, discussion and magic under an auspicious alignment of the heavens – a conjunction of the recently returned Phoenix.

With a potent enchantment of inspiration and creativity laid upon the whole Empire by Urizen’s magicians, the Auric Horizon welcome attendees to display their arete in art and culture in a series of competitions. Those of a musical or theatrical bent are invited to use the hall’s stage to entertain all present. The astronomantic designs of the ancient Spire are expected to draw in potent energies from the conjunction of the Phoenix during the evening, particularly the moments when day passes fully to night, and visitors of the twilight Realms may well grace the hall with their presence.

With the forthcoming Symposium at Anvil, the Spire will again be scouring its library to present religious texts and collected works on the life and prophecies of Abraxus to attendees, and all scholars of religion are encouraged to bring their own works and collections for discussion. Debate and considerations of the military, political and diplomatic situations that beset the Empire are also welcomed, and invitations are being sent to the growing number of foreign delegations housed in Urizen.

There is also rumour that, following unfortunate accidental damage to the main salon at the House of the Seven Mirrors that have rendered it currently unsuitable for hosting, there may be an Hour of Seven Mirrors held within the Spire for those who desire to participate under those rules of political discussion.

There is, however, one small wrinkle in the evening’s plans. The empty, starless nights that have spread across Urizen are causing a certain amount of upset throughout a nation that lives so close to the vast expanse of the skies. No-one is entirely sure what will come to pass when night turns to day and the Phoenix comes into alignment – only to disappear into the empty dark…

OOC Notes:
The Twilight Mirror is a non-combat, primarily social roleplaying event in the Empire setting, held in the Spire of the Auric Horizon in Morrow, Urizen. Tickets for the Twilight Mirror will cost £30 and will include dinner. Initial booking for Urizen and specific invitees will begin on Wednesday October 26th, followed by open booking for all players on Thursday October 27th. The event will be taking place from 4pm-10pm on the 8th April at the following address in Bristol:

Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol BS2 0NW

The Trinity Centre is fifteen minute’s walk from the city centre, fairly easily accessible from Temple Meads train station, and does have a significant amount of parking space – however, we cannot guarantee there will be parking space for all attendees as there will be another event occurring on the same day in a different part of the building.

The event will mostly be taking place in the Main Hall, where we are lucky enough to have access to a stage for anyone who wishes to perform any music or theatrics. There will be dinner provided, likely in buffet form – we are currently still sorting out catering and details will be provided once certain – and the Centre will also open the bar in the hall for custom. A room will be set aside for attendees to use for changing in and out of costume.

The event will be social, and we plan to feature some competitions and activities which will be announced at a later date (but may well include poetry, magical conundrums, debates and the like). Hopefully there will be something to interest everyone – even, despite the non-combat nature of the event, the warriors and Sentinels! We also plan to run some plot – including goings-on related to the conjunction and the empty skies – and the more bookings we get, the more we can run. If we get past 50 bookings, we will be looking at hiring out additional space within the building to run plot, activities and the like within. Initially, we will not be looking to fill any crew spaces – we have that already covered for the 50-bookings event plans – but if we go past 50 bookings we may look at adding some crew spaces up at that stage.

Finally, while this is a non-combat event, some of the optional plot and shenanigans may involve in-character serious risk or even lethal peril. We intend to clearly indicate any activities that involve such risks for characters and they will be entirely avoidable should you so wish.

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