As part of the Twilight Mirror event, there will be some competitions and opportunities to show off your talent in poetry, oratory, art and wisdom. Each will be decided by a small panel of judges at the event, and there will be prizes of note for the winners from the Auric Horizon vaults. We hope to announce more details on the prizes closer to the event, to help inspire competitors towards victory.

Poetry – The Sentinel’s Verse
We seek the ultimate expression of the warrior’s view of life and battle, wrought not in steel but in words. This competition invites Sentinels and attending warriors from other nations to create a short piece of poetry on the topics of war, combat, conflict, peace or flowers. The composer of the poetry does not need to perform it themselves, but may choose another willing guest to perform it on the stage in their stead if they wish – we appreciate that even the bravest warrior may find the stage a disconcerting place. Those who do not live the Sentinel’s life, those who do not wield weapons of war and take the fight to the Empire’s enemies, are not eligible for entry – but they may still serve as the performer for a warrior’s poetry.

Artwork – The Waking Empire
We of Urizen have placed upon the Empire a grand enchantment, unparalleled in known history, to stir the fires of creativity and invigorate the currents of culture and art. This competition invites any artistic attendees to create and display artworks on their choice of one of two themes – either ‘The Phoenix’ or ‘The Empire Inspired’. The art may take any physical form – painting, sculpture, woven, and so forth – but for obvious reasons needs to be transportable to and from the Spire. Each attendee may only put forward a single entry. We also invite you to consider the high likelihood that there will be Heralds of Day and Night in attendance at the event, who may be particularly interested in submissions to this competition.

Wisdom – The Leviathan’s Conundrum
We look for a question to put to the vast, glimmering Leviathan of the infinite waters of Day – a question whose answer will be a revelation. This competition invites any attendees to prepare and pronounce a question that can be asked of Leviathan via ritual means. It will be judged on its clarity and that it asks something to which the answer will be profound, important or meaningful. It must also conform to the restrictions of the ritual known as Swim Leviathan’s Depth. Wit will be admired, but brazen buffoonery is a waste of everyone’s time, so joke questions will be discarded. We can announce the prize for this competition already – the Auric Horizon will arrange for the casting of the ritual to ask the winning question at the coming Solstice, and will convey the answer to the winner once it has been provided.

Oratory – The Speaker’s Passion
We intend to place before the gathered worthies a stage, and thus we must respect its presence by making it a platform for profound words. This competition invites any attendees who feel confident in their oratory talents to speak publicly from the stage for a short period. The speech may be on a topic of your choice that relates to the Empire and its concerns on a national or Imperial scale. Speakers will be judged for passion, clarity, coherence, wit and knowledge. You do not need to persuade the judges or assembled worthies that your argument is right, but you must impress them with your charisma and your talent. The exact time that each speaker will have is still under discussion and is likely to be either three or five minutes.

There will be other diversions in the evening, and further contests may yet be announced.

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