Spire Delegates

These are the members of the Auric Horizon currently sent as delegates to Anvil:

Artimus – Artimus is an accomplished Day mage specialising in divination magics, and an Illuminate priest. He held the position of the Arbiter of the Spire since before the death of Britta, until YE 380 when he ceded it to Vaan.

Ariadne – Ariadne is currently serving as senator for Morrow. She has served as proxy for Lucius of Quicksilver Spire Winter 377 to Summer 378 and was elected senator in her own right Autumn 378. She is a master baker for the Auric Bakery, specialising in decorated cupcakes and wedding cakes. She is married to Valanus, and has a son, Leo.

Avis – Avis is the wife of Sarus, and a healer active within the Anvil hospital.

Bacuda – Youngest Citizn of the Spire, Bacuda is a foundling, currently flying from under the protective wings of Octavius. Although believed to be originally from Wintermark, he has chosen to remain in Urizen after he passed his test of citizenship. He is a gifted Day and Night ritualistic, with a solid grounding in other Realms.

Caelius – Caelius is an alchemist and sentinel of the Spire.

Cato – formerly Cato of Cargo, Cato joined the spire in Autumn 378. He serves as a sentinel and is a mage with a solid grounding in several realms. In Autumn 380, Cato became the Arbiter of the Spire of Oblivion’s Edge ahead of the efforts to rebuild it.

Corvus – Corus is a prominent Summer Mage and a battle mage who frequently assists the sentinels. He held the position of the Archmage of Summer since Winter 376 until Winter 379. He is married to Eriktho and has a daughter, Eresthenia.

Darius – Darius was the Archmage of Day from Autumn 377 to Winter 378. He is taking time to concentrate on family affairs put off by his dedication to this position now he no longer holds it. His notable achievements as holder of the role include organising the day covens of Urizen to bring magnitude 140 rituals into consistent use for the benefit of the imperial war effort.

Eriktho – Eriktho is a Jarmish Noble from the Eastern Principality of Radz, who has been in Urizen for several years building relations between the two nations and is now naturalised. She is an Imperial Citizen and sworn to the Egregor of Urizen although she retains her Jarmish citizenship and position as well. She holds the position of the Ambassador from the Principalities to the Empire since in YE 379. She is married to Corvus and has a daughter, Eresthenia. Eriktho is an accomplished Night mage, and serves as the Spire’s Night Mother.

Eresthenia – Eresthenia is the daughter of Corvus and Eriktho.

Faustus – Faustus is an artisan and the master of the Spire’s Ushabti.

Verrez – Verrez is an accomplished Day and Night mage.

Leo – Leo is the son of Ariadne and Valanus.

Marius – Marius is an accomplished Day and Night mage. He served as the Grandmaster of the Celestial Arch from Winter 378 until Summer 379.

Mazir – Mazir is an Artisan and night mage. He has a daughter.

Mourd Thornterry – Mourd is a Navarri who has sought a new life among the Urizen. He is a gifted mage and active within the Unfettered Mind. He was Archmage of Day from Spring 380 to Winter 380.

Natalus – Natalus is the master chocolatier of the Auric Bakery, he also serves as a sentinel of the spire and is an skilled mage.

Octavius – Octavius is a high lineage merrow and highly accomplished day mage, currently serving as the Provost of the Halls of Knowledge. He also serves as the Spire’s Day Father. He was the guardian of Baccuda.

Saurus – Saurus is the Battle Captain of the Spire, and also the chief (non food) trader of the Spire. He is married to Avis.

Tatiana – Tatiana is a Healer, who has recently completed remedial studies in magic. She is married to Vaan.

Vaan – Vaan is a battlemage who used to hold the position of the Warmage from Winter 377 until Summer 380, when he became the Spire’s Arbiter. He is married to Tatiana.

Valanus – Valanus is the bursar of the Spire, and second in command under Artimus. He is an accomplished Day and Night mage, currently focusing more on Day magics. He is married to Ariadne and has a son, Leo.

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